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Moving an Employee from a Temporary to Permanent Contract.

Temporary to permanent job opportunities are becoming increasingly popular among employers and candidates alike. This is because temporary jobs give candidates real flexibility when it comes to choosing a good company to work for, while employers can use temporary contracts to assess personality fit and performance when it comes to selecting candidates for permanent roles.

Removing the risk for employers

No matter what sector you’re recruiting for, from building and construction jobs, IT jobs, civil service jobs, or even receptionist jobs, temporary positions are an excellent way to assess candidates and remove a lot of the risk from online recruiting. Through these temporary jobs, employers can make informed hiring decisions based on candidate performance during a probationary period.

Furthermore, it gives managers the opportunity to see how candidates work with existing employees or members of the same team. This can be vital when it comes to certain types of jobs, project manager jobs, for example. Of course, it allows the candidate to evaluate the company as a place to work too, so it’s also an opportunity for employers to demonstrate that they offer good conditions of employment, ethical work practices and a living wage.

The advantages of temporary jobs

Temp to perm recruiting is already in use in many areas. Government jobs, education jobs, nursing jobs and security officer jobs are all niches where it can be invaluable to try out candidates first, rather than rely on CVs and interviews to assess skills, credibility and trustworthiness.

In many industries fluctuations in seasonal demand mean that companies have to hire temporary workers at certain times of the year and this is also a good way for recruiters to identify the best workers and hire them in permanent roles.

While temporary workers do have employment rights, businesses still have more protection from legal action resulting from the early termination of a contract for someone hired on a permanent basis. In addition, there is the reduced costs of benefits, paid holidays and sick leave.

An additional advantage of using temporary to permanent staff is that existing staff can be more motivated to perform, as they feel they are in competition with potential new recruits for the best opportunities and career prospects.

Find your next permanent employee at Zoek UK

When recruiting for temporary jobs with a view to permanency, there are certain things you should take into account in order to make sure you recruit and retain the best staff. Always treat your temporary staff as part of the team. To transition them properly into the role, introduce them to the people they’ll be working with, be clear when it comes to duties and responsibilities, and always make sure they have the training and tools they need to do their new job to the best of their ability. It’s also important to be transparent on the possibility of the role becoming permanent.

If you’re looking for someone to hire on a temporary to permanent basis, start by visiting Zoek UK to post your new job online.