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How useful are ATS's in recruitment on Zoek Job Site

How useful are ATS's in recruitment?

An ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, has become a common tool among recruiters for managing the entire recruitment process when it comes to job advertising and finding candidates. These systems tend to very similar to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, but come tailored with functionality and features that can really help when it comes to managing and streamlining the recruitment process.

Most applicant tracking systems have the capability to filter applications based on keywords, skills and years of experience. However, ATS systems range from the very basic to the very complex – and some can perform some very specific tasks, such as create job postings, advertise vacancies on job boards, customise forms, automate candidate messaging, report on hiring activity and enable effective collaboration between those involved in the recruitment process. Some have even been developed to interact with social media, set up referral campaigns, or make use of free job advertising platforms.

Pros and cons

While bigger companies will normally integrate an ATS module as part of a larger HR suite of applications, an increasing number of smaller firms are now incorporating more basic ATS systems into their IT infrastructure, in order to speed up the recruitment process and reduce costs.

Typically, ATS’s used by larger companies tend to be much more complex than the simpler and sometimes free-of-charge systems used to drive candidates along the recruitment pipeline by smaller firms. In fact, some HR experts believe that some of the more complex systems can be counterproductive. Lengthy forms and tedious applications processes have the potential to ‘scare off’ candidates.

Which ATS is right for you

With so many features and functions that can be come with your Applicant Tracking System, it’s important to get the one that’s right for your organisational needs. There’s certainly plenty of choice with more than a hundred options on the market. Let’s look at three here to demonstrate the various ways they can help you make your recruitment process more efficient.

Broadbean – With the current surge in using social media for recruiting purposes, Broadbean has become a popular choice for UK businesses. This ATS allows the transfer of data to job boards, as well as social media sites. It can even calculate the return on investment for posting on various sites - useful information to know.

Idibu – The USP for Idibu is ‘intelligent candidate acquisition’, focussing more on seeking out the best candidates for the role, so recruiters don’t have to wade through mountains of applications. But it also goes one step further by automating the way you interact with the best candidates to keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process.

People HR – If you don’t want to pay for your ATS, then People HR comes with a surprising amount of functionality for a free system. It allows you to automatically create a job posting on your website, as well as major job sites as vacancies arise.

Applicant tracking systems shorten the length of time it takes to recruit by automating many elements of the entire process, streamlining the entire procedure. But, it’s important to get the right system for the needs of your company, depending on your niche, size of the company and type of job you’re recruiting for. And, of course, while an ATS system can help you lower the cost of recruitment, you can always advertise on Zoek for free to cut your costs further.

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