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How to engage with student and graduates on Zoek Job Site

Recruiting staff can be expensive and time-consuming, but getting the best match for the role and the company can mean all the difference when it comes to the success of the business. Which is why it can be immensely helpful to tailor your approach depending on the type of candidate you’re recruiting.

This is most relevant when it comes to recruiting for graduate jobs. Engaging with students and graduates is one area where you should go beyond traditional methods of recruitment – especially when you consider that the latest surveys suggest that top employers are fighting over the best graduates.

Let them know you’re there

Outsourcing can be good if you are short on time, but won’t always get the best match for the needs of the business when it comes to graduates jobs. Engaging with students and graduates means getting up close and personal with candidates. To do that you need to find out where graduates are looking. In most cases, that will be recruitment fairs, specialist job boards and online.

And talking of ‘online’, these days, a standard corporate website simply isn’t enough to attract graduates. It might let them find out what they need to know about your business, but the best recruiters will be creative and use a specialised careers portal – perhaps one designed only to target graduates. Here, prospective candidates will be lured (often via social media) to a list of current vacancies, but there’s more you can do too, such as staff testimonials about life at the company – all with the ultimate goal to make the company appear an attractive destination for young candidates.

Content is king when it comes to recruitment

Always make sure you keep all content fresh and up-to-date. If you never update your website, you won’t get repeat traffic. Blogging is one way of doing this, especially with useful, relevant content to keep them coming back. Engaging with students and graduates in this way should give you a distinct advantage over the competition.

A final note here: make sure your site is mobile friendly. After all, the demographic you’re targeting is the UK’s biggest users of Smartphones. Which brings us on nicely to the next section: the increasing relevance of social media when recruiting graduates.

Engaging with students and graduates on social media

In one survey, 77% of recruiters said that social media helped them access better candidates. Here are some of the ways you can used social platforms to boost your recruitment drive:

* Facebook – Each ‘like’ and ‘friend’ gives you long term access to a potential candidate. Facebook is also useful for targeted posts, for instance, to reach out to audiences in a particular region.

Twitter – Ideal for sending out instant updates on job opportunities as they arise.

*  YouTube – Now the number two search engine on the net, it would be a mistake not to use YouTube for your recruitment videos. 

Google+ - The Google+ hangout is a useful tool for interviewing or informal group chats.

* LinkedIn – Perhaps the most obvious social media platform when it comes to finding candidates and sharing details of your latest recruitment drive.

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