Zoek job search app in the media

Zoek job search app in the media

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Zoek has launched the second generation of their revolutionary mobile job search app.

Other apps and job search boards utilise word match technology, which results in numerous irrelevant job matches. If you search for a ‘driving’ job, you may get dozens of results that had the word result anywhere in the job description, but are irrelevant to your needs. For example, nursing jobs that have a requirement of driving to work, recruitment agent jobs in the market of driving jobs, and a business development manager job with a requirement of driving new business. 

Recruitment agencies and those posting jobs often take advantage of this by placing popular words in their job descriptions, like ‘sport’. Even though the job may have nothing to do with sport, the description might say ‘be a good sport’, and then people looking for sport jobs will be presented with these irrelevant jobs.

Zoek works with algorithms and machine learning to understand which job matches a job searcher is looking for when they search for a certain phrase.  To continue with our ‘driving’ example, as a result of previous searchers swiping left on nursing, recruitment or business development manager positions in the past, Zoek will understand that someone looking for a driving role typically swipes right and likes jobs with titles like Driver, Category 1 Driver, Delivery Driver, etc. 

As a result of more candidates, job posts and job searches every day, this machine learning gets better and Zoek produces a better job match quicker. More relevant matches that the candidates want to see, and just as importantly, less of the endless irrelevant matches. For candidates, this means less scrolling through irrelevant jobs while they could have been applying for the one they were looking for. For recruiters this means access to the right talent in the quickest time.

With the recent media for the launch, and the nationwide TV campaign hitting the small screens from Sunday, Zoek is set to take off.

Zoek. It’s faster, smarter recruiting.


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