Would a part-time job suit you?

Would a part-time job suit you?

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While very few part-time jobs pay a full-time wage, they can be very useful for people who need flexibility. In the UK, more people than ever are turning to part-time work - in fact, it is one of the fastest growing employment sectors. More than eight million people (almost a quarter of the workforce) are in part-time jobs, and, as the gig economy continues to grow, this trend is expected to continue.

Another interesting change is that many of these workers are being classed as ‘power part-timers’. Although they work part-time, they’re been paid in excess of £40,000. Of course, this is still a small section of the part-time jobs market, but, clearly, it’s possible to be employed in more than one part-time job at once in order to bring your wages up to a full time salary.

The benefits of part-time jobs…

The benefits of part-time work are obvious – perhaps most notably for workers with children, but there are advantages for other demographics also. For the self-employed, or those starting up a business, part-time jobs a great way to supplement a small income while drumming up more business. Of course, students have always made up a big part of the part-time and temporary jobs market for obvious reasons, and retirees, or those nearing retirement, also view part-time work as a great way either to exit the workforce or keep them engaged and busy in later life.

…and the downsides

While working part-time means having more time to pursue other activities, some jobs require workers to be very flexible (often at short notice) when it comes to which hours they work. So, it’s an idea, when job searching, to look for jobs that offer the opportunity to control your own hours.

Juggling two (or even more) part-time jobs can be a logistical headache when commuting. While this mightn’t be too much of a problem for part-time jobs in London or another big city with good transport infrastructure, if you’re working in two very different locations, then it can be an issue. When you undertake a job search for an additional part-time position, this is something to take into account.

Another thing to look out for is how rigid the contract is on the number of hours you could be working. Even if you’re not on zero-hour contract, there’s the potential that you could end up working more or fewer hours than you expected, making it difficult to budget from month to month, or to schedule another part-time job or other commitments.

Are there many part-time jobs near me?

There’s a huge range of part-time jobs all over the UK covering most industries. For students, hospitality and retail, as well as café, bar and sandwich outlets are the main sources of employment. Busy mothers with families often choose secretarial or office roles with set hours. The rise in online shopping means there are plenty of part-time opportunities in warehouse and fulfilment centres in a number of locations around the country. Cleaning is a niche that always has plenty of vacancies and for those with the necessary qualifications, nursing, caring, or part-time lecturing/tutoring are all good options.

Clearly, depending on your circumstances and lifestyle, there are a lot of reasons to choose a part-time job, so if you’re asking yourself ‘where can find part-time jobs near me?’, the best place might be to start with a job search on Zoek.

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