University students… How to prepare yourself for the workplace and get ahead of the competition!

University students… How to prepare yourself for the workplace and get ahead of the competition!

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University students…

How to prepare yourself for the workplace and get ahead of the competition!

The step from University to the workplace can be a big move, however with a bit of help from this guide, you can start gaining employability skills by doing some extra work at university – ensuring that you stand out in the competitive job market when entering the workplace.

These 5 tips below will be the ‘brownie points’ alongside your degree, creating a ‘Unique Selling Point’ to future employer, or when you start searching for graduate jobs.


Get to know your tutors – Get to know your lecturers and tutors outside of lecture and seminars.

It’s never too early to start making industry contacts, tutors are a great resource in terms of helping you make contacts with the outside world. After all, they are experts in their field! Tutors can put you in touch with people before you graduate to give you advice on your chosen field, or even recommend you for a vacancy! A very powerful way to advertise yourself to potential employers.



Get involved with societies – The best way to discover, trial, and test your skills is at university.

Challenge yourself and work in a team within societies. Getting involved with a society related to your chosen career path is ideal but not crucial – it's all about gaining transferable skills, from finance to time management to organisations skills, these are bound to impress employers.



Pick up a new skill - Use your free time to learn a useful skill that looks good on your CV. Sign up for a language course such as Mandarin or become an expert on how to design a website. Such courses are often offered by your university and are a lot cheaper than they would be elsewhere. Even if it may not be a skill directly related to your course – your keen interest in that skill may help land you a job in that field in the future.



Volunteering/ Working Part- Time- Volunteer to a cause you choose to support. It may be completely unrelated to your dream job, but you gain important experience and show that you care about improving the lives of others. Not only will employers appreciate this but, it is a nice way to build up your LinkedIn profile and improve your social media presence. Check out the volunteering jobson Zoek to get started on this tip.

Working a part-time job whilst studying is another great way to stand out, as it looks impressive to future employers as you are showing that you know how to juggle work and study simultaneously.



Keeping active on social media –Now you have done all the hard work you need a way to display yourself to potential employers! Remember – you are instantly a step above the thousands of graduates who have never done any of this. Social media is becoming more and more important and knowing how to use it is considered a big plus by employers.

Build up a strong social media presence across different platforms and include links to your updated CV so your potential employers can get an insight into your interests and social media skills. Putting together an online portfolio on sites like LinkedIn through posting video blogs whilst creating these events event at university are a great way to display yourself. Be photographic, show your future employer, rather than just telling them.

Here at Zoek we hope that this guide helps you to achieve your dream job in the future!

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