The Top Ten Temporary Jobs

The Top Ten Temporary Jobs

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Temporary jobs are ideal for allowing you to take control of your career. They can offer you the chance to ‘try out’ a new industry or to get a firm foot in the door at the company of your choice. Temping is flexible and challenging and it’s full of potential and networking opportunities.

We have listed ten popular temporary jobs to get you inspired as a temporary worker. Don't forget you can select just Temporary jobs in our app to see thousands of the latest temporary jobs.

1. Seasonal jobs.

Christmas is a great time of year to get noticed. How about working as a personal shopper, playing the part of an elf (or higher up in the Crimbo chain of command) in your local department store or baking delicious mince pies? Seasonal jobs create a number of opportunities; flower companies, for example, may need extra delivery drivers in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

2. Marketing.

It’s not just on the shop floor that you’ll notice a change of season. The holidays are a good time for marketers looking to jump in at the deep end. Many companies use advertising campaigns to stand out from other stores. During busy times they may also be more active on social media to advertise their products and deals and to provide customer service.

3. Tour operators.

You want to further your career but you’d still like to travel? The holiday industry has a lot of interesting temporary jobs on offer. You could be working on a cruise ship or a campsite, for instance. You don’t have to leave the country though. Travel agents experience busy times at certain points in the year, when most of their clients want to book their holidays.

4. Festivals.

There are many festivals all year round; from music and food to theatre and literature - and all of these need temporary workers. This is a great way to earn money, whilst soaking up the festival buzz at the same time.

5. Events.

These are being organised daily and could include concerts, fairs, masterclasses and street parties. The range of jobs that are available are as wide as the range of possible events.

6. Tourist attractions.

Especially in summer, when tourists flock to all the corners of Great Britain, many companies require extra employees. If you’d like to work outdoors, you could sell tickets to a theme park, help to maintain a heritage site or become a tour guide.

7. Courier.

With internet shopping surging in popularity, there are many opportunities to become a courier and arrange your own working hours. Royal Mail, for example, employ extra staff at Christmas and during the summer too, when they are at the busiest.

8. Universities.

Universities often need extra workers over the summer months, particularly in the administration department. Popular temporary jobs include helping to enrol new students and arrange suitable accommodation on campus.

9. Product testing.

Companies are always interested in finding ways to improve their business. Receiving feedback forms is an important part of market research which helps companies develop products and services. Who wouldn’t want to work as a secret diner or a mystery shopper on a temporary basis?

10. Runner.
By working as a runner on a film or television set, you will be given the opportunity to experience the full production process in the world of media. From all of the multitasking involved you may not realise how much organisational experience you are gaining.

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