Teaching Interview Questions

Teaching Interview Questions

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Here are a sample of questions that might come up in your next teaching job interview. Some are generic, typical job interview questions whatever the profession. But many are specific to teaching jobs. As with any interview, preparation is key: spend time on the school's website and especially read their latest Ofsted report. There is no typical answer, but structuring your responses using the STAR method is a good approach that will ensure you're getting your point across consistently.

Situation - give the context for your story
Task - what you were asked to do
Activity - explain what you actually did
Result - how well the situation played out.

Remember to keep your answers concise. and stay positive.

Typical Teacher Interview Questions

Why do you want to leave your present post?

Why do we teach subject X in school?

What are the top skills you’d like your students to leave school with?

Tell us about a time you ‘failed’ in a professional situation. What did you do different as a result of this?

What differences are there in teaching year x to teaching year y?

How do you organise homework?

Give us an example of a lesson that went particularly well? And one that went badly?

What would you say to a parent angry about their child’s grades?

How would you engage a reluctant student?

How can you improve safeguarding of children?

How do you manage behaviour?

And tell us how you had to deal with challenging behaviour

What made you go into teaching in the first place?

How would other teachers describe you?

High point or points of greatest satisfaction in your last position?

What do you do to ensure that every child in your class reaches their potential?