How to find the perfect job in January

How to find the perfect job in January

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As midnight counted down, you closed your eyes and dreamed about how 2016 would be different; how you’d finally step out and get that job you deserve and have wanted for years.

Now the party’s over. It’s time to put your wish into action as it won’t just happen by sitting around and waiting.

It has been predicted that almost half of the global workforce wants to quit in 2017. If you are one of these workers, what can you do to stay ahead of the game and grab the attention of your future employer?

Ask yourself:

Why do I want to change my job?
How to find a job in January
Saying you will start looking for a new job is easy but with the competition tougher than ever, you need to think hard about what it is you actually want and what your reasons are for looking. Do you want to move up the career ladder and gain more responsibility? Are you just looking for a pay rise or are you seeking more meaningful work and a cause? The Christmas holiday break should have given you enough time to reflect on your current job and gain a sense of perspective on what you’re looking for next; once you have determined the main reasons for wanting a change, you can begin your job search.

Reflect, re-evaluate and refresh

How to write a CV in January

When was the last time you updated your CV or wrote a cover letter? Now is the perfect time to take stock of what you have achieved in your career. On average a recruiter will only look at your CV for six seconds so making it eye-catching is vital. You may need to put some time and effort into re-writing your CV, especially if you have gained any new experience. It’s not easy but getting it right will pay off in the long run. There may be quick wins to boost your qualifications too.

Extend and leverage your networks

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Use social networks to your advantage, based on a clear personal brand. Treat your LinkedIn profile as a mini CV that shows off all your talents, skills and achievements to the world. You should also be using Twitter to find employers and recruiters as more and more companies use hashtags to reach out to potential employees. When you know what role you're looking for, try searching for a location and your desired industry and you might be surprised by what you find.

Use job searching tools

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Job boards and job apps are there for a reason - to help you find a job quicker!. By uploading your CV and searching on just a few job apps you can have the potential to reach thousands of recruiters. On Zoek we currently have over 45,000 jobs vacancies!

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