Driving Job Interview Questions

Driving Job Interview Questions

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Besides being able to meet the obvious requirements - a valid, clean licence and good eyesight - drivers will usually need to do well in an interview. What kind of questions might you expect to be asked in a driving job interview?

Experience is a must, so think about you past jobs in the field, and in particular what challenging situations you found yourself in, and how you resolved them.

Expect questions relating to you geo-spatial awareness: do you know your way around London or the city where you'll operate most?

Be on the look-out for a testing question or two that will examine your ability to think on your feet and use your initiative, especially relating to multi-drop deliveries.

You may enjoy the solitude of the long distance driving, but you will still need customer-service skills: you are after all representing the company you work for, so be aware of and emphasise your people skills in the interview.

Driving jobs require a great variation in start and finish times, so talk about your flexibility, and reliability, in that area.

Above all, be sure to emphasise your commitment to safety.