6 Developer job interview question

6 Developer job interview question

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While developer, programmers, or software engineers expect highly technical questions related to their specific discipline, they may often be less sure of themselves when it comes to broader questions that others would find easy. You expect technical questions for a technical job, but an employer still wants to find out if you have broader skill sets that fit in with the team or company ethos. Here are some developer job interview questions that you should prepare for.

Your Previous Position

The employer is interested in your last position, and in particular why you moved on. Think about putting a positive spin on this: a need for fresh challenges etc. etc.

Examples of your Work

The proof of the pudding is in your work, so choose carefully.

Programming Questions & Challenges

You might be asked some questions about syntax or definitions of your language, or may be set a challenge in a set time. Always show how you arrived at the solution.

Programming Habits

Sometimes it's not what you do but the way that you do it. Version control might be a given, but think about the process you go through to deploy your work, and again, put a positive spin on your work process.

Do you live and breath development?

You may be asked questions that test your passion for programming. If you are, you may well have side-projects about which you can talk enthisiatically about.

Tell me about a project that failed miserably

Your interview wants to get an idea about how you handled failure. Was it of your own doing? Was it because of others? The blame may well have lay elsewhere, but the question also tests how you apportion blame to others. 

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