The 10 Worst Secret Santas

The 10 Worst Secret Santas

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It's that time again. A time to balance cost verses cheesiness-factor. A time to weigh up: is that Secret Santa present a merry jape, or secretly insulting. If the latter, how far can you push it? We profile what might be the ten worst Secret Santa presents.

1. USB custard cream

I love this, don't know why I'd put it in a list of bad Secret Santa presents. It's functional and reflects my priorities (what did we do before USB?). Just don't dunk it. It's in this article because I'd rather like one myself (hint, hint).

2 to 4. Mugs

Mugs are old favourites. Here's a selection.

"It's accrual world" mug. For accountants. With a sense of humour.

How about a "Give me a <br/>" travel mug for the web developer.

Then there's a 'Grumposaur' mug for the office grouch.

5. Novelty gifts for the aspiring executive

Thankfully we've moved on from Newton's Cradles. Or have we? What about desktop snooker or golf - should we consider this an improvement? Do they impart a simple principle of physics first observed in the 17th century and made popular in the 60s? No, but they're cheap and may get a laugh upon opening. Top of the list would be the Toilet Fishing Game

From the people who maybe brought you Toilet Time Golf, this game probably takes more time to set up that it takes to play.

6. Books

How about a book? "Deal with the boss - how to get ahead working for a jerk" sends a nicely coded (or not) message to both your colleague and the boss.

7. Small present, big box

How about getting something trivial in the local supermarket, and putting it in the biggest box you can find around the office?

8. Give them an IOU

9. Or novelty money

10. Or slightly more cash and an apology

Whatever you choose to give as a Secret Santa this year, it's the thought that counts. Regardless, we wish you a wonderful festive season, and a prosperous and successful job search 2017.